This survey is intended for Adult Leaders only. If you are a student, please feel free to complete both the Student Breakout Survey and the Student SYC Survey.

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How would you rate your satisfaction with the following areas?

Information Leading Up to SYC:


SYC Schedule:

Availability of SYC Leadership to Answer Questions:

Costume Fun Run:

Adult Breakout Session:

Instagram Scavenger Hunt:

Speaker - Cody Bracy:

Comments About Cody Bracyy:

Worship Band - Alanna Story:

Comments About Alanna Story:

Special Guest - John Michael Hinton:

Comments About John Michael Hinton:

Experiential Stations During Worship:

Saturday Evening Group Time:

How well did the following contribute to the overall them of "UNASHAMED":

Main Session Worship:

Main Session Teaching:

Student Breakout Sessions:

Stage Design / Service Atmosphere:

SYC Mobile Web App...

Overall, how helpful was the Web App?:

Was there any information that you thought was missing from the Web App that you would like to see included next year?

Overall, how satisfied were you with...

Your Hotel Room:

The Hotel Amenities:

Your Interactions with The Hotel Staff:

The Proximity of the Hotel to Local Restaurants:

Additional Comments About the Daytona Hilton Resort and Conference Center:

Based on your experience at SYC'15, how likely are you to...

Return with your group next year?

Suggest SYC to another youth group?

What was the best part of your group's SYC experience this year?

Were there any areas that you felt needed more attention from SYC Leadership?

What suggestions would you have for the SYC Leadership for next year's SYC?

Thank you so much for your input. The Student Ministries Team will go over every survey that is received as we prepare for next year's SYC. Thank you for pouring your life into the lives of students.