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John Michael Hinton became a world traveler at age 7 when his parents took a job with an oil company in Saudi Arabia. Needless to say, being a blue eyed, red-headed white boy with ADHD in an Arab land, he stood out from the crowd and often found himself on the outside. Learning magic tricks from his father was one of the few ways he found he could gain approval from his friends, but he knew it was temporal. In high school, upon moving back to the USA, he attempted to reinvent himself by creating a façade balanced on continual lies and doing anything to earn acceptance from his peers. Once again, he knew his efforts were temporal. Finally, John found the only acceptance and love that was lasting, the love of a Heavenly Father. From then on, it became his life’s purpose to be a tool for God’s use to share the Gospel with the world in any creative means possible.

He has since traveled to numerous countries to fulfill that purpose, including Papua New Guinea, Russia, Taiwan, El Salvador, Mexico, and France.  He spent five years serving as a youth pastor in Central California, and recently moved back to the States after spending a year and a half doing missionary work in Paris, France with his family.

Most of his free time is spent sharing large cups of black tea with his beautiful wife and wrestling on the floor with his two young children. Outside of his family, his favorite things in life are In’N’Out burgers, ice cold root beer, a good suspenseful movie and family trips to Disneyland.

“My goal is simply to be a tool that God can use to spread His incredible gospel.  If my illusions earn me the right to be heard, awesome, but it’s the heart of God that I want you to truly walk away remembering.” 

– John Michael Hinton