• Photos may be uploaded by any member of your team.
  • Each photo must be uploaded to a PUBLIC Instagram account (this is the only way we’ll be able to see them).
  • If an item asks for a certain number of people from your group, but your group is smaller than the necessary number, you may substitute students from other groups.

Labeling Your Photos:

  • Give each photo a description (i.e. “Group in front of sign”)
  • Every photo must use the following hashtags:
      (Please note, there is no apostrophe, and no spaces)
      (Change this to be the name of your church)
  • Any photo not including BOTH of the above hashtags will not be considered as an entry in the contest.



Instagram Scavenger Hunt List:

  • Your Entire Group in front of the “Unashamed” Banner in the Lobby
  • A student from your church holding a $2 Bill
  • Four (4) students from your church standing on their heads
  • Three (3) students from your church riding on a bus that does not belong to your church.
  • A student from your church drinking Cucumber Water.
  • Members of your group spelling out “SYC” with their bodies.
  • Someone from your church wearing a Batman costume
  • The shortest member of your group standing next to a stranger that is at least 6’5”.
  • One hundred (100) Bibles in the same picture.
  • At least thirty (30) people (not necessarily from your group) sticking their tongues out.
  • A picture of everyone in your group taking a picture.
  • At least 10 people from your church eating 10 different types of food.
  • A student from your church kissing a fish.
  • An adult volunteer from your church being escorted by a police officer.
  • Take a group picture in front of The Worlds Most Famous Beach Sign.
  • A person from your church picking someone else’s nose.
  • Ten (10) people from your church picking their own noses.
  • One plate with fifteen (15) different kinds of food on it.
  • Eight (8) people wearing mis-matched shoes.
  • A human pyramid at least four (4) levels tall.
  • Fifteen (15) people from your group jumping simultaneously.
  • Take a selfie on a roller coaster.
  • One picture with six (6) people each born in a different decade.
  • A picture of your group with the band shell behind you.
  • Fourteen (14) people sitting in one chair.
  • Four (4) people from your group doing EXACTLY what a sign says.
  • A student from your church mimicking a real statue (must also be in the picture).
  • A student from your church holding a restaurant menu while sitting at a table in a different restaurant.
  • Someone from your church holding a clock that clearly says 11:59pm.
  • A student from your church milking a live cow.
  • As many members of your youth group as possible in a boat.
  • A total stranger attempting to eat pizza using chopsticks.
  • Ten (10) students from your church standing in a circle, praying.
  • One picture from each of the Saturday Morning Breakout Sessions.
  • A pile of at least 100 shoes.
  • A student from your church crossing their eyes.
  • A student from your church eating a donut with a police officer.
  • An adult from your church twirling pizza dough in the air.
  • A work of art the students from your church created with sidewalk chalk.
  • Students from your church with something Disney related.
  • Fifty (50) people playing air guitar.
  • A Student from your church standing next to a sign that says their name.
  • A gas receipt for exactly $0.01.
  • A student from your church juggling at least three of something.
  • At least five (5) people from your church on a swing set.
  • A picture of someone from your group on the slingshot.
  • Ten (10) students from your church reading ten (10) different books upside-down.
  • Your entire group giving your youth pastor a group hug.
  • A student from your church playing an instrument that they do not know how to play.
  • Six (6) strangers, each wearing a green, blue, yellow, red, purple, and black shirt.
  • Ten (10) students from your church with blue tongues
  • At least five (5) people from your church wearing aluminum foil hats.
  • One hundred (100) people giving a thumbs up.